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Caring for Adolescents, Adults & Aging Adults

Addresses population/age-specific topics from adolescence through the geriatric years. Again, topics may be individualized to a specific age-group, such as elderly abuse, to topics impacting all age-groups, such as reducing medical errors and understanding HIV.

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Sample Topics Include:

  • Elderly Falls — Risk Assessment & Prevention
  • Influenza… Including Swine Flu, and Implications for Healthcare Providers
  • Domestic Violence… Assessment & Implications
  • Peripheral IV Therapy
  • Reducing Medical Errors
  • Skin Cancer… An Overview
  • Administering Medications to the Elderly
  • Hospitalized Patients and Sleep Deprivation
  • Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Abuse of the Elderly
  • Nutrition and the Elderly